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IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite
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What is IPSTAR?
The Thaicom-4 (IPSTAR) broadband satellite is the world's first high throughput satellite and one of the world's largest satellites ever launched into orbit. It is designed for two-way, high speed communications over an Internet Protocol platform. It is also the first hybrid Ku-/Ka-band satellite of its kind, providing the largest Ku-band coverage from a single satellite. The broadband satellite's integrated space-ground system enables cost-effective broadband connectivity and solutions for government and business sectors, as well as for the telecom and broadcasting industries.

What are IPSTAR benefits?
IPSTAR owns full frequency licenses in 14 countries in Asia Pacific, is fully scalable, and allows market extension on a nationwide scale. The high throughput satellite is a proven platform for both consumer and vertical market broadband applications. Operators and service providers can easily make the switch from conventional to IPSTAR Broadband Satellite—for increased competitiveness and flexibility with high Quality of Service (QoS) at lower cost. IPSTAR's cost advantages over conventional satellites, readily available capacity, and full frequency licenses in 14 countries, let operators drive expansion of their subscriber base on a nationwide scale.

Does IPSTAR enable broadcast service?
Yes. Beside IP-based broadband satellite service, IPSTAR enables a wide range of broadcast services—made possible by the broadband satellite's powerful nationwide broadcast beams and low transmission cost. IPSTAR broadcast beams cover Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Contact us for more information and availability in your territory.

How many people can connect to IPSTAR?
The THAICOM-4 (IPSTAR) broadband satellite can connect up to 2 million broadband users or 20-30 million mobile phone subscribers in the Asia Pacific Region.

What is IPSTAR's track record?
Whether it is disaster relief communications for calamity-affected areas, distance learning for thousands of schools, 2G/3G backhaul for cellular networks, or high speed internet for countless homes across Asia, IPSTAR has earned itself an impressive track record since its launch in 2005. For example, with more than 120,000 users and growing, IPSTAR is the largest VSAT network operator in Australia and New Zealand.

What is the service coverage area of IPSTAR?
IPSTAR currently provides full nationwide satellite services in 13 countries in Asia Pacific: Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Isn't VSAT an expensive service?
IPSTAR Broadband Satellite is not comparable with conventional VSAT. Before IPSTAR, internet via satellite has suffered from a high associated cost. The IPSTAR broadband satellite platform drastically increases bandwidth efficiency at significantly lower cost of service—resulting in a competitive advantage over conventional satellites and VSAT for the cost-effective delivery of voice, video, and data servic

What is the service life of THAICOM-4 (IPSTAR)?
Service life of THAICOM-4 (IPSTAR) is expected to be more than 15 years.

Where can I purchase IPSTAR service?
IPSTAR high speed internet for home and small business users is distributed through an extensive network of authorized and certified service providers in 13 countries in Asia Pacific. Please contact one of our local service providers in your territory. If you are a corporate or government user, telecom service provider or broadcaster, please contact us directly by submitting the web form.

What speeds does IPSTAR offer?
IPSTAR currently provides up to 5 Mbps download and up to 4 Mbps upload speeds for a variety of bandwidth-demanding applications and services.*

How reliable is IPSTAR broadband service?
Nearly a quarter of a million customers in Asia Pacific are using IPSTAR satellite broadband service. Owing to its advanced coding and modulation and other inherent system advantages, IPSTAR has earned itself an impressive reliability track record. In fact, IPSTAR offers enterprise-class Quality of Service (QoS) and less weather related outages compared with conventional VSAT.

I am interested in becoming an IPSTAR distributor/reseller. Do you have a reseller program?
We license distribution to national service providers and sell bandwidth capacity and user terminals on a wholesale basis. If you are interested in becoming a distributor/reseller, please contact us directly by submitting the  web form.

*Maximum throughput is not applicable for simultaneous download and upload. Maximum throughput for simultaneous download and upload is 4 Mbps receive and 2 Mbps transmit.