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IPSTAR Ready to provide Nationwide Service in China. All Three Chinese Gateways Now Completed.

December 26, 2006

China’s CBSN to start deploying the first 5,000 IPSTAR User Terminals

Nonthaburi, Thailand – Shin Satellite Public Company Limited (“SATTEL”), Asia’s leading commercial satellite operator, announced today the completion of the construction of the two IPSTAR gateways, in Shanghai and Guangzhou, after the first gateway in Beijing was inaugurated in May of this year. With the completion of all three gateways in China, IPSTAR service will be available nationwide in China through IPSTAR’s partners, China Satellite Communications Corporation (ChinaSatCom) and its subsidiary, China Broadband Satellite Network (CBSN). Following this major milestone, Shin Satellite and CBSN signed a Purchase Contract for the first lot of 5,000 IPSTAR User Terminals to be delivered in the coming months.

This first lot of User Terminals will be used for many pilot projects such as extending the communications services to suburban and rural areas of China, supporting the government’s rural uplifting policy. CBSN will also provide high multimedia speed Internet with voice and video for enterprise customers, schools, mining sites, and government offices scattering all over the country.

Mr. Feng Qing, Deputy Chairman and CEO of CBSN said, “China is a very large country with thousands of places and hundreds of millions of people who are not served with proper telecom services, causing significant economic and welfare disadvantages. Such so called “Digital Divide Gap” has been a serious concern and hence a policy and mandate by the government to fill such gap by mean of utilizing this kind of breakthrough technology such as IPSTAR. CBSN is the joint venture subsidiary of China Satcom, China’s only official state owned enterprise for satellite service. CBSN is dedicated to providing broadband satellite service and we are very excited with the opportunity to exploit IPSTAR technology and satellite to help fulfill the government’s mandate of rural telecom, as well as to serve the advanced and upper markets of multimedia government, corporate and consumer users.”

Mr. Yongsit Rojsrivichaikul, Chief Commercial Officer of IPSTAR Co., Ltd. said, “The completion of all three gateways in China is a major milestone for IPSTAR. IPSTAR service can now be commercially deployed nationwide in China, our biggest market under the IPSTAR service footprint with capacity of over 12 Gbps representing around 25% of our total satellite capacity. Our partner, CBSN will begin to roll-out the first lot of the 5,000 IPSTAR User Terminals very soon. Shin Satellite has been working closely with China Satcom and CBSN throughout these years. We expect that these first installed 5,000 sites across the country will serve as a convincing, real, and live demonstration and advertising to potential users and policy makers of how IPSTAR can help serve their requirements. China is becoming the world’s largest satellite market and we are very pleased with the progress in working with our partners, China Satcom and CBSN.”

After the successful launch of THAICOM 4 (IPSTAR-1) satellite last year, IPSTAR now provides full nationwide broadband satellite services in 7 countries including: Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and China. IPSTAR will continue to expand its service coverage to the rest of Asia-Pacific in the coming year.

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