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IPSTAR Launches the iMOVE Mobile Broadband Solution at ITU Telecom World, Hong Kong

December 04, 2006

IPSTAR partners with RaySat Antenna System to provide the highest performance broadband satellite solution for moving vehicles.

Nonthaburi, Thailand and ITU Telecom World, Hong Kong: - Shin Satellite Public Company, the operator of the IPSTAR satellite system, announces today at the ITU Telecom World 2006, Hong Kong, the Company is partnering with RaySat Antenna System LLC, a leading provider of cutting-edge satellite antenna technology for 2-way mobile applications in the market, to offer the most powerful mobile broadband solution for moving vehicles in the market today using the Thaicom-4 (IPSTAR) satellite. The IPSTAR ‘iMOVE” can be seen at Shin Satellite’s booth 8012 (Hall 8) at the ITU Telecom World.

The IPSTAR “iMOVE” product consists of RaySat’s advanced low profile (5.9”) array antenna that can be fitted to any vehicle (such as in SUVs, vans, buses, trains, and vessels). The antenna is able to track the Thaicom-4 (IPSTAR) satellite at all times while the vehicle is moving providing true mobile broadband services. By using the world’s most advanced satellite system, IPSTAR, combined with Raysat’s innovative mobile antenna, IPSTAR iMOVE offers the fastest mobile satellite bandwidth solution in the market today. It is ideal for high performance and cost-effective mobile video, voice, and data applications and suitable for the enterprise, government, military, broadcasting, and emergency/disaster relief markets.

Both companies successfully tested the IPSTAR iMOVE in Thailand and will jointly market the product throughout the 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region where Thaicom-4 (IPSTAR) provides services.

Mr. Patompob Suwansiri, Head of Marketing, IPSTAR, at Shin Satellite, said, “The IPSTAR iMOVE is our latest IPSTAR product that we are very excited about as it offers a unique and innovative solution that has not been possible until now. With the powerful combination of Raysat's advanced mobile antenna product and the high performance and unique characteristics of the IPSTAR satellite, we are able to offer our customers the best performing broadband satellite solution for moving vehicles in the market today. With such high bandwidth performance, applications such as high-quality 2-way video conferencing and Satellite News Gathering (SNG) are now possible in any vehicle while it is in motion. In addition, this will prove valuable for disaster/emergency relief applications where communications can be maintained even while traveling to the location. We look forward to jointly marketing this product with Raysat and will offer such services throughout the Asia-Pacific region.”

Mr. Yoel Gat, Chairman and CEO of RaySat, Inc., the parent of RaySat Antenna System added that, "We are honored to work with IPSTAR on mobile 2-way application. The unique attributes of the IPSTAR system is not just the very high throughput of the satellite. The IPSTAR modem enables our customers to enjoy the maximum throughput in every location under any weather condition through its advanced adaptive architecture".

David Gross, Chairman and CEO of RaySat Antenna System added that "We view our relationship with IPSTAR as key in our marketing efforts in the Asian region and hope to make a strong impact on the Satcom-On-The-Move market"

The IPSTAR “iMOVE” is initially available in Thailand , China , Vietnam , Australia and New Zealand and will be available throughout the rest of Asia-Pacific in 2007.

ABOUT RaySat Antenna System LLC

Established in 1997, RaySat?, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of in-motion, low-profile, phased-array satellite antennas for the commercial, railway, OEM and aftermarket automotive industries. These antennas allow moving vehicles to receive live satellite television, and the company was the first to offer a low profile antenna solution for high-speed, two-way Internet connectivity.

RaySat established RaySat Antenna System with outside investors to focus on the 2-way mobile broadband application worldwide, where RaySat inc is focusing on the TV reception in cars in motion. RaySat Antenna System LLC is a leading provider of mobile, 2-way, low-profile, phased array satellite antennas for the commercial, public safety, government and transportation market.

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