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IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite
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Broadcast Service

IPSTAR enables a wide range of broadcast services such as Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and Multimedia Broadcast Backhaul—made possible by the satellite's powerful broadcast beams.

Broadcasters and content providers can benefit from IPSTAR's dedicated nationwide beams and low transmission cost.

IPSTAR is capable of delivering a single stream of information to thousands of corporate recipients and homes—providing cost savings for broadcast of high–quality, live or pre-recorded content to a large user base for efficient use of network bandwidth resources.

IPSTAR broadcast service is quickly deployable and available on a part-time or occasional use basis. The service can also provide instant backup of terrestrial links in emergency situations.

IPSTAR broadcast beams cover Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)
IPSTAR enables DVB services that let carriers deliver Direct to Home (DTH) television and media content to residential homes and Multi Dwelling Units (MDU). IPSTAR DVB service can also be utilized for Digital Signage and Digital Cinema services.

Multimedia Broadcast Backhaul
IPSTAR Broadcast Service can provide multimedia broadcast backhaul of digital content such as HDTV (High Definition TV ), SDTV (Standard Definition TV ), mobile terrestrial digital audio/video and data broadcasting services to rural areas.

IPSTAR Broadcast service
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