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IPSTAR internet satellite
IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite
Services: Business
Retail Broadband

IPSTAR enables a range of cost-effective broadband services tailored for retail businesses to facilitate reliable networks for credit and debit card transactions, corporate intranet, and inventory management, regardless of the number of business sites connected to the IPSTAR network.


Speedy Card Transactions
Reduces credit and debit card transaction times with purchases authorized in 1 to 2 seconds, down from the 20-second processing time that it normally takes with dial-up — allowing businesses to lessen customer waiting time and to increase customer traffic

Centralized Management
Remotely retrieve transaction data from each business location, making daily sales and inventory polling easier
High Speed Internet
Provide customers with high speed Internet service, and at the same time, keep them stay longer at the store – enabling businesses to offer new sources of revenue through the promotion of available services, goods and activities

Utilizes spot beam technology and proprietary coding to guarantee high levels of network security with Cisco IPSec
Reduced Operation Cost
Low operation costs by delivering value-added applications — such as Point of Sale (PoS), Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Wi-Fi — from a single IPSTAR network
IPSTAR Solution for Business