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IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite IPSTAR internet satellite
Services: Government
VPN for Government

IPSTAR empowers governments and administrations seeking to enhance their services to citizens and to make interaction easier by transitioning to broadband networks.

IPSTAR is designed to meet the needs of governments for high speed Internet and for delivering e-Government applications, such as web-based tax and business permit payment systems, telehealth, and online passport application service. It can provide governments with a failsafe Virtual Private Network (VPN) platform ideal for government intranet and e-Government applications, with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) regardless of the number of connected government offices.

Government agencies are becoming dependent on a variety of e-Government applications, and a reliable VPN to access, store and share vital government data. Online government services and applications demand always-on private networks in sharing information to and from various departments within a government.


Efficient Government Service
Fast and efficient delivery of government services to citizens

Secure VPN
Enables sharing of vital government information, applications and services through a private network
Eliminates the need for expensive dedicated leased line networks

Nationwide Coverage
Delivers e-Government services and applications to any government office nationwide
Utilizes spot beam technology and proprietary coding to guarantee high levels of network security with Cisco IPSec
VPN for Government VPN for Government
IPSTAR VPN for Goverment