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General Questions

What is SkyBee Satellite Broadband?
Powered by IPSTAR, SkyBee is the high speed Internet solution available to everyone in Indonesia with a clear view of the southern sky. SkyBee uses satellite technology – not your phone line – to give you a fast and always-on Internet connection. SkyBee lets you open websites faster and download files in a fraction of the time it takes on a dial-up connection.

What is IPSTAR?
With more than 200,000 satisfied customers in Asia-Pacific, IPSTAR is the leader of satellite broadband in the region. IPSTAR is one of the world’s largest and most advanced broadband satellites. It is also the first of the new generation of broadband satellites that acts both as an Internet backbone to fiber optic cables for ISPs, and as a last mile broadband service to residential, commercial and wholesale customers. The IPSTAR broadband satellite has a massive bandwidth capacity of 45 Gbps, almost equivalent to the combined capacity of all other satellites serving Asia today. The service is delivered via a gateway in Jakarta that communicates over the IPSTAR satellite to provide packet-switched broadband communications to any of the ISP's terrestrial link.

How reliable is SkyBee broadband service?
SkyBee is delivered by the IPSTAR satellite. Unlike other satellite-enabled Internet service, IPSTAR has minimal outages and downtime under severe weather conditions.

Do I still need a dial-up modem and telephone line?
No. There is no phone line or dial-up modem required to use your SkyBee broadband service.

What are my options for high speed satellite Internet?
Starting at IDR 650,000 per month, there are several SkyBee service plans available to suit your bandwidth needs.


How fast is the actual speed?
In most cases, the actual upload speed will likely be lower than the speed indicated in the service package during peak hours. Download speeds may also slow down in cases when system usage exceeds the download threshold for an extended period of time.

Can I play online games?
We do not recommend using the service for running time-sensitive applications, such as online games, that require fractions-of-a-second user inputs.

What is transmission latency?
Latency refers to the amount of time it takes a packet of data to travel across a network. With satellite service, that data must travel up to the satellite and back about 36,000 km. This round trip adds about half a second delay to the total time your computer takes to communicate with a website or host server.

How can I measure the speed?
The IPSTAR broadband satellite uses a unique uplink technology which some speed test sites do not support, resulting to incorrect results. We recommend you to access this site to measure your connection speed.


Why is there a requirement that the satellite modem and dish be professionally installed?
Certified installers ensure that your broadband connection works trouble-free and that the satellite dish is exactly pointed to the satellite.

Can the installer hook up my home network?
You can inquire from your installer if this option is available when planning out the installation appointment. However, home networks are not included or supported by the SkyBee technical support.

How quickly will I be up and running?
On average, most customers have their SkyBee network installed within 2 weeks after the confirmation of order. When you place your order today, your name will be given to a certified installer, who will contact you within 2 business days. You and the installer will then work out the date and time of installation.

There is a big mountain at the southern sky, can I use SkyBee?
Please contact us to see if SkyBee works for you.


What are the computer system requirements for SkyBee?
SkyBee lets you connect your computer to the Internet whether you are running on Windows or Macintosh operating system. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your Internet, we suggest you to use Windows 2000, Mac OS 10.1 or higher, with 10/100 Ethernet connectivity.

Can I use SkyBee to run a small network?
Yes, you can connect multiple home computers and laptops to a single SkyBee Internet connection. Home networking equipment may be required and is not included in your SkyBee system. Note that all computers on this network will be sharing a single connection and simultaneous use of high bandwidth applications may result to degradation of speed. For network setup, support and configuration, contact your network hardware manufacturer or operating system software developer.

Can I use a PCMCIA card adaptor for my laptop?
Yes. All you need to connect your computer to the satellite modem is either a 10/100 Ethernet Network Interface Card or a PCMCIA adaptor with an Ethernet connector.

Can I run a VPN over SkyBee?
You may run a VPN, but you will likely experience reduced speeds as much as 50-75 percent. You can restore your connection to full speed by simply disabling your VPN client when your session is over.

Satellite TV
If I already have a satellite TV, do I need to get an additional dish for SkyBee?
Yes, you cannot use your satellite TV dish for SkyBee. The high speed Internet service requires a unique dish in order to send and receive information via the IPSTAR satellite.

Customer Care

How and where can I purchase SkyBee?
You can submit the application form from this site or you can speak with a SkyBee sales representative by calling 021-5050 3535.

Can I apply by fax?
Yes, our fax number is 021-5050 3535.

In which parts of Indonesia is SkyBee available?
SkyBee is only available in Jabodetabek and Bandung during its pre-launch period.

I’m a user of SkyBee. Who can I contact when I have a question or problem?
For SkyBee technical support and customer service, please contact us from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday-Friday, at:

PT Infracom Telerasana
Jl. Kebon Sirih Raya Kav. 63, Jakarta 10340, Indonesia
Phone: +62 21-390-8911
Fax: +62 21-392-8809
Email: support@skybee.asia